Mr Noobs vs Stickman

Mr Noobs vs Stickman

Mr Noobs vs Stickman is an attractive war game built in Scratch. In this game, you will participate in the battle between Mr Noobs and Stickman, and you will be the leader of this army. On the screen, you will see a pixelated trench with two armies of Noobs and Stickmen. In the bottom corner of the screen, you will see an army of noobs that you can send into battle. Each team will have a different value depending on their strength on the battlefield. When you click on one, they will appear from the left side of the screen, enter the trenches, and face the stickman army. Use the spacebar to make them stand up and prepare to fight. Choose the most suitable time, attack the enemy, and defeat them. You must make sure your troops outnumber theirs to ensure success. You will also see your score at the top of the screen. This game has a total of 18 levels; each level will be more difficult than the previous level. So you need to focus to win all the levels and become the strongest player. Are you ready to become a talented commander with top strategies and shooting techniques? Join the battle now!


How To Play

  • Use the mouse and spacebar.


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