Only Up Or Lava

Only Up Or Lava

Prepare to put your abilities to the test with the platforming adventure Only Up Or Lava. Conquer the levels with your navigation abilities and quick reflexes. Avoid all perils, including obstructions and molten lava streams. Jump, run, and climb to get perfect leaps. Improve your reflexes as you move through the stages. Demonstrate your parkour skills by pushing yourself to the limit on exceedingly difficult climbs.


Climb on objects hung in the air to reach the finish line and advance to the next stage. Be careful, for each false move could result in you plummeting into the burning lava lake. Run along the walls, avoiding the various traps that await you at each step. Use the gravity trampoline to climb the slope or find shortcuts. If your hero fails to jump, he will automatically grab the platform edge. If necessary, you can switch to walking mode at any point to be more cautious when traversing the hazardous section of the trail. You must act quickly, since the lava level rises with each passing second.

How To Play

  • Move - WASD
  • Jump - Space
  • Scare - Shift

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