Pizza Craze

Pizza Craze

Pizza Craze welcomes you to an unexpected creation between two popular game themes: obstacle courses and cooking. What do you think about challenging your improvisation skills with delicious pizza? These are exactly the unique experiences this game offers. Gamers maneuver a small dart, trying to dodge pizzas all over the map. Your goal is to maintain the round for as long as possible.

Your dart moves like the fierce waves in the famous game Geometry Dash. The zigzag nature of flight makes the movements of the main entity full of suspense. Each time you hold down the key, the character will fly up diagonally and vice versa. Except for the ground and ceiling, all other collisions can cause unfortunate losses. Don't be negligent for any moment because the pace of the round in Pizza Craze also changes over time. Just a small incident due to error can cause your ideal journey to stop.

How To Play

Make sure you understand the unique movement properties of darts to start your round. You just need to use the mouse and hold down the key to make the main entity fly up in a diagonal direction and release his hand to fly down in the same way. You can make full use of the floor and ceiling, so you don't lose control when moving too much in a suspended state.

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