Plastic Tower Defense

Plastic Tower Defense

In the world of Plastic Tower Defense, the aquatic environment is being severely damaged. Plastic bags and plastic objects float in surprising quantities. Unable to endure this situation that is making the planet worse. A seagull decided to clean up the water environment.


The plot for Plastic Tower Defense is extremely realistic. The rivers that flow into the sea are grappling with a dire situation. In these inherently clean locations, it appears that plastic has invaded the entire water surface. You will accompany seagulls as they try to remove waste before it flows into the sea. If the sea water becomes polluted, you will lose out.

How To Play

First, with the initial money, gamers need to choose characters to create a solid fence on the river. With each successful turn, you will receive a bonus to continue in more difficult rounds. Until you can completely protect your water source. Don't be afraid to diversify your tactics with different defense options.

Tips and tricks

Click on the arrow icon in the lower left corner of the screen to open the settings. Here, you can choose characters with strong walls. Players just need to drag and drop the entity they choose into the correct tactical position. After setup is complete, click on the red icon in the left corner of the screen so that waste types will begin to appear.

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