Pokemon Clicker

Pokemon Clicker

Don’t miss out on Pokemon Clicker if you are a fan of Pokemon and clicker games! Take part in the exciting button smashing mania on the Pokemon to generate more coins and acquire more Pokemon eggs! Once you have an egg, click on it repeatedly until it hatches into a Pokemon!

Pokemon Clicker is an engaging clicker game made by Tomergan. Players begin by clicking on the Pokeball to generate coins and get a new egg every 100 clicks. With coins, players can acquire new Pokeballs that will give them more coins per click. Sometimes, an egg may appear on the screen, and players can catch it to have an instant egg to hatch! In addition, after players have collected every Pokeball and have at least 30 Pokemon, they can prestige and start the game from the beginning with extra bonuses!

How To Play

  • Interact with the game using the left mouse button.

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