Poppy Survival Shooting Driver

Poppy Survival Shooting Driver

Show your diverse skills with 1000 challenging levels in Poppy Survival Shooting Driver. Start your adventure journey through exciting mountain terrain. Drive, shoot, and defeat Huggy-Wuggy monsters. Observe the mini-map to locate the targets. Beautiful 3D graphics create an attractive and exciting shooting experience.

How To Play

Tips and tricks

The game really requires excellent aiming and shooting skills. Identify the target and shoot immediately to eliminate threats. Use the mini-map to pinpoint the precise location of the target. Avoid overexposure to enemy attacks. Hide in positions that are beneficial for observing and shooting at the target well. Improve your driving skills while shooting professionally.


  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to easily navigate the character.
  • Change weapons when swiping the mouse.
  • When using the mouse, aim and observe the target while shooting.

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