Portal Scratch Edition 2

Portal Scratch Edition 2

Welcome back to Portal Scratch Edition 2! Get ready to engage your skills and logic in this exciting game featuring 24 levels of mind-bending challenges. As you join in this journey, you'll control a stick man armed with a portal gun, ready to conquer the puzzles that lie ahead.

Created by Alexandretherrien from Scratch, Portal Scratch Edition 2 offers three game modes to choose from: Difficulty, Normal, and Impossible. Select your preferred mode and prepare for an immersive experience. Your objective is to use the portal gun to create blue and orange portals. By teleporting between these portals, you'll navigate through each level, overcoming obstacles and reaching your goal.

How To Play

  • Press "H" if you need help to complete a level (click again to remove the picture).
  • Use "E" to create a Blue portal and "Q" for an Orange portal.
  • Move your character using "WASD" or the Arrow keys.
  • Aim with the mouse.
  • Hold down "R" to respawn if needed.

Portal Scratch Edition 2 introduces new features such as box levels, enemies, additional levels, captivating cinematics, and much more. Are you ready to challenge your skills and conquer all 24 levels in Portal Scratch Edition 2? Get ready for an exciting adventure!


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