In the game Pumpkinoid, you have entered the terrifying realm of pumpkins. When you enter this terrifying environment, you will be given charge of a pumpkin and asked to destroy various objectives. Put your inventiveness to use in order to eliminate all of the targets. Be cautious, since if your shot doesn't hit the wall, you'll end up losing the game.

Pumpkinoid is a straightforward arcade game that just requires one touch to play and has elements that are reminiscent of both pinball and breakout. There are three medals to earn based on your performance, and there are also three additional paddles that may be unlocked if you reach certain point thresholds. Every time you play, one of the seven backdrops will be chosen to appear behind the action. Have a good time with Pumpkinoid!

Pumpkinoid is an arcade game that requires only one touch to play, and it mixes features of pinball and breakout into a single package. Your performance can earn you one of three medals, and you can also unlock one of three new paddles, depending on how well you do. Each of the seven potential settings is utilized in one of the games. Have a good time while using Pumpkinoid.


How To Play

  • Use the mousse to click.


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