Prepare yourself for the addictive and challenging game, Red&Blue, created by ADIADI11 from Scratch. This game may seem simple, but it will keep you hooked! Your objective is to guide a square through various levels by reaching the vertical blue block, which serves as your goal for each level. However, the challenge lies in the presence of different colors along your path. You must change your square's color to match the corresponding color on your way.

How To Play

Here are the rules to remember:

  • If your square is red, avoid touching blue.
  • If your square is blue, avoid touching red.
  • Beware of green, as it is your enemy.
  • Yellow blocks act as bumpers.

Failing to follow these rules will require you to replay the level. This game demands more skill than you might anticipate. Are you up for the challenge? Use the arrow keys to move your square and the space key to switch colors. Play Red&Blue now and show off your skills! Good luck!


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