Scratchnapped is an exciting arcade game that was created by Griffpatch from Scratch. In this game, you will jump through platforms, collect coins, and avoid enemies.

How To Play

Objective: Your goal is to rescue all the Scratchlings in each level.

Controls: Use the cursor keys to controls. Press the left and right keys to move horizontally, and press the up key to jump. While in the air, press the down key to perform a ground pound. To perform a wall jump or kick, jump against a wall and then jump again. If you're near the top ledge of a wall, Scratch will cling onto it. From there, you can climb up, jump off, or drop down.

Tips: Challenge yourself by collecting as many coins as possible along the way. Additionally, try to find the Mega Coin on each level, which may be hidden or difficult to reach. You can stomp on some enemies, but be careful as you can't stomp on prickly ones and spiders (for now). Avoid falling off the bottom of the level, as it will result in an instant loss of a life.


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