Ride Shooter

Ride Shooter

What will you do in the Ride Shooter world filled with zombies? Prepare to take control of the weapon vehicle and confront them immediately. The quantity really cannot be beat. We need to quickly defeat them with accurate gun shots. Upgrade weapons to increase damage per shot. Skillfully navigate the vehicle into the zombie gathering location to take them all down. Equip additional armor to be ready to participate in the match. 

Outstanding features

  • The game combines the dynamic gameplay of the shooting genre with expert vehicle control techniques.
  • Harmonious sound and images provide satisfying gameplay for both listening and viewing.
  • Practice quick reflexes to avoid enemies' attacks, and actively shoot to take down zombies.

How To Play

All controls need to be flexible to perform precise aiming and shooting actions. Using the mouse and WASD keys, drive the vehicle through dangerous bases.

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