Robo bot V1.3 jungle

Robo bot V1.3 jungle

Welcome to come and join the jungle adventure of Robo bot V1.3! Robo is a small robot who lives with his parents in a wooden house near the forest. One beautiful sunny day, Robo asked his parents for permission to go into the forest to play. His parents agreed and told him to be careful; otherwise, he would get lost. Robo agreed and set off. However, Robo was so busy playing that he forgot the way back. It got lost in the forest and couldn't find a way out. Help Robo find his way home by programming a path so he can find his destination. Help Robo collect coins along the way. These coins will help him buy items in the store. In this game, there will be easy, medium, and difficult levels. Within each level, there will be different sublevels. You need to complete easy levels to play different levels. Get ready to face difficulties and complete challenges in this adventure!
Robo bot V1.3 jungle is a game created by kopfstand, with an interesting storyline and easy-to-play but new and attractive gameplay. The game uses attractive background music and vivid graphics to help players immerse themselves in the adventure with Robo. Are you ready to join this expedition and help Robo find his way home? Click start now!

How To Play

  • Use the given blocks to program the path to the destination.
  • Robot navigation buttons include: move forward, turn left 90°, turn right 90°, rotate 180°, jump forward, and {}.
  • Click the >> button on the top right to make the robot move faster.

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