Slime Ninja

Slime Ninja

Enter an enchanting world of agility and strategy with Slime Ninja! Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible without encountering death in this action-packed adventure. This game's talented creator, DarkLava, offers a distinctive blend of reflexes and tactical thinking to keep you on your toes.
Be careful not to use a knife to throw orange slime! Keep an eye out for boxes containing valuable items falling from the sky; this will add a level of unpredictability to your ninja journey.

This game allows you to change characters in the menu and, if necessary, turn off the sound in the lower left corner. Slime Ninja promises an exciting and surprising experience, giving players the opportunity to show off their ninja abilities. Are you ready to test your skills and embark on this epic journey? May your reflexes be quick and your strategy cunning!

How To Play


  • Arrow keys to navigate
  • A or D to perform a quick jab to the side
  • Space for a bold jump from behind to in front of you
  • Throw a ninja star towards the side you face (if available).
  • S throws a knife below you while jumping (if you have one).

Instructions for making slime:

  • Green Slime: Dies when attacked
  • Green Slimes: Splits into two green slimes when attacked.
  • Orange Slime: Splits into two blue slimes when attacked.
  • Ninja Slime: Throw ninja stars and possess 2 health points.

Instructions for game modes:

  • Play: Normal mode with increasing difficulty
  • Extreme: A challenging mode with no W or S moves
  • Free to play: Unlimited lives and weapons; use number keys 1-4 to summon slimes; perfect for testing different moves.

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