Snail Platformer

Snail Platformer

Snail Platformer is an adventure through the complex terrain of a small animal. This engaging platform game will take players on the most creative journeys. You will maneuver a tiny snail that collects food and crawls through blocks of dirt. Get ready for an adventure like never before. Your character has the ability to crawl across any surface, except deep holes. In addition, this snail can also stretch its body to a certain extent. This interesting property will help you overcome the gaps between platforms. Don't underestimate it or think that the snail's speed will be slow and hinder your experience! With this special character, test how good of an adventurer you are.

Snail Platformer's gameplay is also appealing because of its unique navigation operations. With movements unique to your character, can you complete every journey? With each level, you will face new challenges, from soaring walls to deep puddles. Never be subjective, you must carefully analyze your surroundings before deciding to act. A small mistake can push you back to the first level because the character only has a certain number of lives.

How To Play

  • Move: the left and right arrows.
  • Extend neck: the space bar.
  • Reach upwards: the up arrow.
  • Into shell or drop down: the down arrow.

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