Sniper Mission War

Sniper Mission War

Get ready to embark on the journey to becoming a professional sniper in the tense combat environment of Sniper Mission War! Fans of FPS shooting games definitely cannot miss this mission. Use your own gun and act before your opponents. Use your best shooting skills to eliminate all enemies. Combine attacks and good cover to avoid enemy eyes and ears. The arena environment is inherently tense due to its proximity to the enemy base. Excellent mission completion requires focus and quick reflexes.

Impressive features

  • Challenging maps and realistic environments bring players into real battles.
  • There are many powerful interfaces and weapons to help players upgrade their guns' speed and power.
  • Realistic FPS graphics combined with sound effects create a more realistic feeling when playing.

How To Play

  • Character movement = WASD
  • Shoot = left click
  • Aim = right click
  • Jump = space key
  • Interaction = press F

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