Star Of Warfare

Star Of Warfare

Relive the memories of the hit movie Star Wars with the action-shooting game Star Of Warfare. Observe from the first-person perspective and start fighting. Take part in fierce combat in a variety of modes. There are three exciting game modes to choose from: deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag. Choose the right weapon for intense battles. Sniper rifles for long-range combat, or pistols for close-range direct confrontation. Quickly attack your opponents and defeat them first. Observe, move skillfully, and find good hiding positions to avoid detection. The maze arena challenges the player's ability. Break the limits and get into action right away.

How To Play

  • Move = WASD
  • Jump = Space
  • Aim and shoot = Mouse.
  • Run = Shift
  • Pick up gun = F
  • Load weapon = R
  • Crouch = C
  • Change weapon = 123

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