Starlight Platformer

Starlight Platformer

Starlight Platformer invites you on an adventure in a simple yet challenging pixel world. This is a true challenge, where every move and every jump on the platform carries thrilling danger. Starting with a tiny cube, you'll feel like an explorer, ready to explore the dark mysteries of this pixelated world. However, don't let your diminutive size deceive you; you must carefully calculate every move and take every platform jump seriously.

Grasping the character's limited strength, you will understand that each action must be performed delicately and flexibly. This is not just a matter of being strong but also about creativity and the ability to take advantage of every available resource. Platforms, platforms, and moving objects all present new opportunities for you to explore and overcome. Your ultimate goal is to reach the destination, where there is a spinning black circle. Do you have the patience and creativity to overcome all challenges and advance to the next level of Starlight Platformer?

How To Play

When holding down the mouse, you can see a controller appear on the screen. You move according to the positioning of the circular point on it to direct the main character's activities. Pay attention to quick turns or changes in direction because it is easy for the character to fall into the water.

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