Street Encounter

Street Encounter

Drive around the city of Street Encounter and use your navigation abilities to track down all of the terrorists. Eliminate all of the terrible people you encounter. Collect all of the fuel tanks and first aid supplies so that you can progress toward your goal. Move quickly and strategically to conquer and beat your adversaries. Experience the amazing street action game. Take on the responsibility of eliminating all of the city's troublemakers. Be alert and vigilant to prevent any unexpected surprises. Immerse yourself in the bustling city and use your momentum to patrol the streets.


  • The rival cars all shoot continuous bullets towards your car, so dodge skillfully.
  • Collect items such as fuel and first-aid kits to restore the power of the car.
  • An attractive 3D environment combined with flexible controls brings exciting gameplay.

How To Play

With the left and right arrow keys, turn the car to both sides.

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