Underage Driving

Underage Driving

Play Underage Driving and experience driving games with a completely different gameplay. You will participate in a journey through a series of roads with different characteristics. It is not only a test of skill but also of peak reaction. Every minute on these streets contains dangers and unwanted accidents. You will drive your car through a series of new lands with endlessly engaging challenges.

Not just one, Underage Driving introduces you to twelve types of cars with diverse moving characteristics and terrain. The journey in this simulation game will almost never be repeated with these exciting game modes. Are you passionate about speed but are not old enough or cannot perform spectacular replays in real life? Then this stunning driving game is for you. Master the keys and enjoy your own adventure through a series of beautiful locations!

How To Play

Note that each location has a different direction of travel. You rely on the on-screen vision and use the arrow keys in the corresponding direction to drive your virtual car.

The main entity indicates a limited number of hits before completing the level's mission. Therefore, you need to minimize accidents and grasp the right main roads to open a new journey.

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