Super Scratch Bros.

Super Scratch Bros.

Welcome to the unique and exciting world of Super Scratch Bros.! This is a great fighting game, developed by the talented team at Hobson-TV. Based on the idea of Super Smash Bros, Super Scratch Bros. offers a dramatic and engaging gaming experience. The object of the game is to push your opponent off the field by attacking powerfully. There are three levels: easy, medium, or hard, for you to choose from. If you win, you will receive precious coins. Use them at the store to upgrade your character or buy other characters to play with. Marathon game mode is a special challenge, as you only have one life to face each character in the game. If you make it through, you'll be rewarded with a unique sticky note, much like the All-Star mode in Super Smash Bros.

Super Scratch Bros. is not just a regular fighting game but also an endless journey of discovery. Get ready to face new challenges and enjoy endless hours of entertainment! This game promises to bring you a unique and unmissable gaming experience.

How To Play

The game's control system is built to be simple but flexible:

  • [Right arrow key]: Move right.
  • [Left arrow key]: Move left.
  • [Up arrow key] Jump
  • [X]: Protection
  • [Z]: Attack

In addition, combining attack and movement activities also opens up many new strategies:

  • Attack + Move right/left = Crash into opponent
  • Attack + Jump = Attack from above
  • Attack + Down = meteor attack

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