Survival is a real challenge for any player's professional navigation abilities. This game is a combination of survival gameplay and the typical design of the sandbox universe in Minecraft. You will control a character who is facing threats from strange creatures and arrows flying from everywhere. The range of movement is very narrow, so you must concentrate and react quickly to avoid danger.

Before starting the round, you will be asked to choose one of two starting locations. During the round, you need to avoid colliding with all enemies, arrows, and especially explosive barrels. You only have ten hits per round, but if you touch an explosive barrel, the game will end immediately.

Pay attention to the swords that appear at regular intervals. They will provide extra lives for your main character and help you continue your life in this dangerous environment of Survival. Additionally, you can take advantage of the non-dynamite pit to avoid enemies. Don't let any subjectivity defeat you, and prove that you are a true survival gamer!

How To Play

With just simple WASD keys, you can fully experience the most thrilling feelings in this exciting game. Pay attention to key combinations to have the most accurate jumps.

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