Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask

Tomb Of The Mask will challenge your professional terrain analysis ability with difficult mazes. Guide the trapped minifigure to collect dots and reach the exit. Note that players do not need to collect all the items in the maze. You just need to navigate the character to the end point (yellow dots) to win. Be careful with the terrain! Each maze has dangerous areas marked with a mint color. Stay away from these areas to avoid losing and continue your journey. Remember, each level will require your sophistication and ability to analyze the terrain. Use your sharpness and flexibility to collect as many dots and stars as possible and, especially, reach the finish line safely.

The character in Tomb Of The Mask has a very special way of moving: he only dashes straight. That means with each keystroke, your character only stops when crashing into a wall. This is a feature that requires gamers to have excellent strategies. Take advantage of the confusing design of the terrain to make your achievements impressive.

How To Play

Depending on your strategic dash direction, use the arrow keys to create exciting journeys. Remember the nature of the character's movement to have the most accurate navigation. Your round will restart and no achievements will be scored if you collide with a danger zone.

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