Train Journey 2

Train Journey 2

Train Journey 2 will challenge your analytical abilities with engaging puzzle gameplay. This is a brain-stimulating puzzle game where you become a train manager and need to rearrange the tracks to get the train to the right destination. You will face different levels of train stations and need to rearrange sections of track to create a safe path for trains to pass through. Each level will pose challenges with different levels of difficulty. It depends on the number of sections that need adjusting and the tricky design of the main track.

How To Play

Your mission in Train Journey 2 is to help the small train move from the current station to the next station. Unfortunately, the tracks deviated from their original trajectory. Your goal is to align them so that they form an unbroken line to your destination. The round is limited in time, so stay calm and carefully analyze the terrain.

You can click on the segments that require adjustment using the mouse. Alternatively, players can use the keyboard characters that correspond to the letters on the track. Each time you press the key, the object will rotate 90 degrees. To move the train car, simply click on it until the assembly is complete.

Note that once you have driven the train out of the station, you will not be able to stop midway. However, you can also increase your speed challenge by letting the train move while relining the tracks.

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