Turrican II

Turrican II

In Turrican II, your mission is to progress through the levels, destroying enemies on your way to find the exit and finally complete the game. As you journey through this pixelated universe, remember to shoot the transparent block on the left side of the level for power-ups—a handy trick for gaining a strategic advantage. This game needs you to show your strategy. Be cautious with basic weapons, and remember, you can crouch to shoot enemies at close range. Encounter sensational spaceships to power up and enhance your arsenal.

The game Turrican II is inspired by a classic released by Factor 5 in 1991 on the Amiga. This game is faithfully recreated by griffpatch on the scratch platform. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the first level, where graphical and audio content pays homage to the original game. Feel the nostalgia of the Commodore Amiga era as you dive into Turrican II. Can you conquer the first level and win this game? Adventure awaits!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to run, jump, and crouch.
  • Pressing the spacebar repeatedly will release your fire and hold space for a moment, allowing rapid fire while steering with the left and right keys.
  • The green flag allows for a new beginning when you die.
  • Press the P key to pause the action when needed.

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