West Frontier Sharpshooter 3D

West Frontier Sharpshooter 3D

West Frontier Sharpshooter 3D brings a new wind to the shooting game with the theme of Wild West cowboys. With every sniper shot, aim and shoot accurately. Take your Winchester Model 1894 to repel all the bandits and bring justice to this land! When the opportunity arises, develop a careful movement strategy to press cover and take down the bandits. Many times, there will be direct confrontations that test your reflexes and shooting accuracy. Both your opponent and you have guns, so the confrontation is very tense.

How To Play

Tips and tricks

Go deep into the base and learn the entire terrain. Observe the model to support the fighting process and defeat the bandit invasion. Be patient and find countermeasures to attack head-on or secretly. Change the hidden terrain frequently to make it difficult for the opponent to judge your exact position.


  • Move the character using the WASD keys.
  • Using the mouse, aim and shoot the target. 
  • You can adjust your combat weapon to match the target's distance.

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