In the vast ocean of online games, a fascinating and unique game is waiting for you with Whale. Developed by talented creator NickyNouse, this game takes players on an interactive journey with a majestic killer whale, the orca. With engaging cursor tracking mechanics and a host of special commands, Whale offers players a fun and engaging encounter with the ocean's most iconic predator.

Whale introduces players to an enchanting world where a killer whale moves according to their cursor. The simple yet visually appealing gameplay allows players to control whales through virtual waters, creating an experience that is both relaxing and entertaining.
Whale is more than just a game; it's an interactive exploration of the wonders of the ocean with your whale. NickyNouse's attention to detail, combined with the game's intuitive controls and special features, creates a fun and engaging experience. Whether you are fascinated by marine life or are simply looking for a relaxing and fun gaming session, Whale lets you delve into the depths of the sea and forge a unique connection with one of the creatures—the most majestic of the ocean. So grab your pointer and embark on a virtual underwater adventure like never before.

How To Play

  • Cursor Interaction: Whale's core mechanism is intuitive cursor tracking. As you move the cursor, the killer whale will mirror your movements, creating a seamless connection between the player and their virtual companion at sea.
  • When you press [G], the killer whale becomes transparent, like glass. This unique feature not only adds cool visual effects but also gives players a different perspective on their aquatic friend.
  • Press [R] for random class placement. For those looking for a sense of unpredictability, pressing [R] will shuffle the game's classes into a random order. This feature introduces an element of surprise into gameplay, keeping things fresh and interesting.
  • Press [B] for rear view: Pressing [B] allows the player to view the scene from behind the killer whale. This reversible perspective adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, allowing players to appreciate the orca's movements from a new angle.
  • Pressing [W] allows the player to switch to the water background. This feature enhances the immersive quality of the game, making players feel like they are truly sinking to the bottom of the deep ocean.
  • To reset the game and start again, just press the green flag button. This convenient feature ensures that players can enjoy the interactive orca experience as many times as they like.

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