Animal Stacking

Animal Stacking

Welcome to the exciting adventures of adorable animals in Animal Stacking. Get ready to go on an adventure with extremely cute animals like chicks, bees, puppies, cows, rabbits, fish, puffers, zebras, sheep, eagles, mice, pandas, dogs, fish pigs, flies, and seals. Each animal brings its own charm to the game as you navigate obstacles and stack blocks to earn points.

Developed by the talented DJ_Girl2801, this game promises endless fun and excitement for players of all ages. Are you ready to stack blocks, dodge obstacles, and collect power-ups in this world full of captivating animals? Press Space or click to start your Animal Stacking journey now!

How To Play

To start your adventure, just press Space or click to start the game. Once you're inside, use the space bar or click to stack blocks and move over obstacles. Keep an eye out for power-ups scattered throughout the levels, as they can greatly increase your score. Earn points by stacking blocks and avoiding obstacles. Score even more points by perfectly timing your head to hit the obstacle. Want to check on your progress? Click on the trophy to open the scoreboard and see how you compare to other players. As you accumulate points, unlock new skins to customize your gaming experience and make it even more fun. And if you need to pause your game's audio, just press M to mute or unmute. For those who want to start over, press R to reset all data and start a whole new adventure.

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