Atmospherical Test

Atmospherical Test

Welcome astronauts to the unique space game - Atmospherical Test! This game focuses on simulating planetary gravity and air rotation, including the feeling of a rotating air body (rotational air resistance). As you orbit the planet, you will notice that the stars move (you are being dragged along in the planet's atmosphere). Fly away from the planet, and you'll see the planet spin instead of you spinning yourself.

Control your ship using the arrow keys or mouse. Be warned, however, that your momentum won't stop once you leave the planet's air, so you won't lose speed. You'll quickly fly away from the planet, and zooming in on images isn't very useful at that distance. The camera will automatically rotate to place the planet at your feet when you are in orbit. This creates a unique and exciting space flight experience.

Created by the unique talent named griffpatch, this game is not just an ordinary flying experience but also an exciting adventure exploring planets and universes. Are you ready to challenge yourself in the endless space of the atmospheric test? Fly high and discover new things!

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse.

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