Infinite Froggy

Infinite Froggy

In Infinite Froggy, you will begin a journey to explore the universe with the green frog, the character you will control. Starting the game, you will see a green frog wandering in the universe. Among the pieces of wood drifting in space, help the green frog jump on the pieces of wood to stay safe. Eat watermelon and other items to score more points. At the same time, pay attention to avoid dangerous items; they will harm your green frog and you will lose. Control your mouse skillfully so that the frog doesn't fall off the wooden pieces; otherwise, you will lose. Only the 30 people with the highest scores will be enrolled. Are you ready to become one of the 30 masters of this game?

Infinite Froggy is written by chipm0nk, a game developer with many famous games. With vivid graphics and great background music, it will take you on a fascinating space journey. Start experiencing the game now!

How To Play

  • Move the mouse to control the green frog.

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