Welcome to Bomberman, an exciting game created by Griffpatch from Scratch. In Bomberman, you're in control of a character and your objective is to strategically navigate through a series of opponents using both skill and logic. The game presents a maze that you must navigate, destroying obstructing blocks with your bombs.

As you progress throughout the game, keep an eye out for power-ups that can enhance your abilities. These power-ups include extra bombs, flame extensions, rollerskates for increased speed, and more. Use your bombs wisely, as once placed, they create a barrier that enemies cannot pass. Enjoy the game and aim for victory!

How To Play

  • Use the Arrow Keys to move your character.
  • Press space to drop a bomb. Be careful not to get caught in the explosion!
  • Aim to be the last man standing. Some power-ups allow you to kick or punch a bomb by simply walking into it.


  • Flame: Increases the blast range by +1.
  • Bomb: Provides an extra bomb for you to drop.
  • Rollerskate: Allows you to move faster.
  • Boxing Glove: Enables you to punch a bomb into the air by running into it.
  • Kicking Boot: Lets you kick a bomb across the ground by running into it.
  • Mega Flame: Extends the blast range to the maximum.
  • Line Bomb: Press SPACE twice to drop all your bombs in a line.


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