Level EATEN!

Level EATEN!

Level EATEN! is a fun and exciting game created by the amazing Griffpatch from Scratch. This game is designed to be easy and straightforward, allowing you to dive right into the action.

How To Play

The objective of Level EATEN! is simple: you control a character and your goal is to walk into and eat all the blocks that are the same size as you. As you clear these blocks, you will level up and progress through the first six levels. But don't stop there! The game features a total of 13 levels, including a brand new Level 11. Each level presents a different arrangement of blocks, with varying sizes that are randomly generated. Your task is to control your character and consume the blocks that match your size. Enjoy playing Level EATEN! and have a fantastic time exploring the challenging levels!

Helpful Tips For You:

  • Keep in mind that blocks with dots won't fall, but you still need to eat them!

Game Controls:

  • Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to walk and jump.
  • Press the R key to reset the level if needed.
  • Toggle zoom in and out using the Z key.


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