Counter Craft 4

Counter Craft 4

Counter Craft 4 allows you to explore an intriguing blocky universe and engage in furious conflicts. Defeat a swarm of blocky zombies with a range of weapons and explosives. The battleground is filled with deadly zombie blocks, making survival difficult. Each successful round adds new weapons to your armory.

How To Play

  • You may control your character's movement and aim with your keyboard and mouse.
  • Pressing the left button will make shots happen.
  • Right-click to aim.
  • Use these weapons intelligently to achieve your objectives faster.

Tips and tricks

Stay mobile on the battlefield to avoid becoming a prime target for the zombies. Utilize the terrain for concealment and high ground. Remember that different weapons have varying degrees of effectiveness against zombies. Experiment with your arsenal to determine which ones work best in certain situations.

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