Draw 2 Save Doge

Draw 2 Save Doge

Draw 2 Save Doge is an extremely attractive online puzzle game with a new way of playing. The main character is Doge, a famous meme dog loved by many people around the world. The game has become extremely famous around the world. Are you ready to join this exciting puzzle game?

In this game, Doge accidentally teases a beehive, and the bees are looking for ways to sting it. You need to draw protective fences to help your dog avoid bees. Calculate carefully because bees are very smart; they will find every way to destroy your fence to sting Doge.

Drag the mouse or use your finger directly on the screen to draw lines. Calculate and draw the lines so that they completely protect Doge from bees. If your fence can protect Doge from surviving the attack before time runs out, you will win the level and advance to the next level. As you advance, each new level will be harder than the previous one, so your drawing skills must improve because that is the only way to win. If you fail, just restart the level and try again. Surely you will find out how to draw easily as you continue playing. Let's start this exciting game now!

How To Play

  • PC: Use the mouse to draw.
  • Mobile: Use your finger to draw.

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