Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard

Fire Hazard is an adventure game with a smart fox in a hot world of fiery flames. Players will have to face a series of dangers from fires of different sizes. Besides, the harsh design of the terrain also brings significant challenges. How to overcome them all and reach the finish line safely? Your task is to remove all the fires on the map. With objects that are large and pale in color, they often appear in rather funny positions. You just need to click to remove them. But with dark flames, water will be needed to extinguish them.

Additionally, you can encounter support items in Fire Hazard. The rotating platform and jumping pad will help the main character move more optimally. Every time you win, you will enter a more difficult but charming round. You will complete mastery of this game as you clear 20 difficult levels and collect 60 beautiful flames.

How To Play

You click on the big flames to collect them. With real obstacles, you need to analyze where the water is. Then, click on the barrier to let the water flow down and put out the fire. You only need to click on several red switches on the map, which correspond to each accessibility feature, to activate them. After eliminating all the dangers, click on the fox to initiate the real conquest.

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