Google Chrome Dino Run

Google Chrome Dino Run

Google Chrome Dino Run is a simple running game with familiar graphics suitable for players of all ages. Surely you have encountered a situation where you lose your internet connection or have no connection at all when using Google Chrome. You've probably seen (and played) this game that pops up on the page saying there's no internet connection. It is a simple game from Google that helps users avoid boredom when losing internet connection, but this game is quite addictive. With the love for this traditional game, author 1000652 has remade an identical version of the game so you can play it even with an internet connection. Get ready for a fun dinosaur adventure in this exciting game. Join the Google Chrome Dino Run and experience the thrill, speed and agility now!

How To Play

  • Press the up arrow key or spacebar to start the game.
  • To jump while playing, press the up arrow key or the spacebar.
  • When jumping, you can press the down arrow key to fall faster. This will be useful when the game becomes very fast.
  • While on the ground, you can also use the same key to lie down. Stay away from cacti and pterodactyls!
  • When you get hit, you can restart the game by clicking on the play area.

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