Grapple Pig

Grapple Pig

Welcome to Grapple Pig, an immersive adventure game that immerses you in a mysterious dungeon. Are you ready to discover treasure and strange creatures? In this world, you will face the challenge of hunting for treasure in exactly 200 seconds while avoiding monsters lurking in the darkness. It's important to stay alert, as this dungeon may contain ghosts that cannot be attacked! Grapple Pig offers a fast, engaging, and challenging gaming experience. Get ready for an adventure filled with mystery and drama!

How To Play

Grapple Pig is extremely simple. You just need to click or tap the screen to throw your hook. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump through the dungeon areas. Your score is calculated based on successfully attacking the enemy with the hook. But be prepared, because the ghost cannot attack and will pose a special challenge.

Tips and tricks

Prioritize hunting as many treasure chests as possible, as they yield higher scores than defeating enemies. Stay away from ghosts with their invulnerability.

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