Mello 2

Mello 2

Welcome to come and join Mello's new adventure in Mello 2. In this event, Mello wakes up after mysteriously passing out. The last thing he could remember was the memory of a bright light piercing the sky. Mello wakes up in a strange world that resembles a spaceship. The scene here made him feel both strange and familiar, and he knew he had been kidnapped. However, this time escape becomes elusive, as an invisible force with a tight grip on Mello's tank will not let him escape. Your mission is to help Mello overcome obstacles and challenges to reach the flag's location. Use all your skill and ingenuity to help him get through it all safely.

Mello 2 is developed by chipm0nk, the creator of the much-played Mello game. With vivid graphics, brilliant scenery, and an adorable Mallo character, the game will bring you exciting moments of entertainment. The author invested a lot in background music, which will help players have the most authentic adventure. Embark on this captivating journey, and the lines between the familiar and the unknown will blur, promising an unforgettable gaming experience.

How To Play

  • Click New Game to get started.
  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Avoid spikes and blades.
  • Jump up when encountering trampolines.
  • Open locked doors by collecting all the keys at a specific level!
  • Drop across semi-solid surfaces using the S key or the down arrow.
  • You can chicken-bang them like a trampoline, but they're just as dangerous as the spikes.
  • To proceed to the next level, touch the flag.
  • Restart a level by pressing the R key or the Restart button.

See Our Tips

  • You can start a new level at any time by pressing the R key or Restart.
  • The doors will not unlock until you collect all the keys in that level.
  • You can use chickens to increase jumping speed.
  • To play more difficult levels, you should evaluate the situation and plan your actions.
  • Remember to slow down and stop to think. As they say, look before you leap.

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