Welcome to the strange world of Mello, a fascinating platformer game! Immerse yourself in the exciting adventure of Mello, a lovable guy who overcomes obstacles and wins. Mello is an interesting combination of platform escape games. In this game, you will help Mello overcome obstacles, reach the flag's location, and win. The game is built with many different levels, and each level will have challenges to test your skills. At later levels, the difficulties will be even greater. Are you brave enough to overcome all the challenges?

Mello is developed by chipm0nk, a game developer with much creativity. With vivid scratch-based graphics, this game immerses players in adventures with the cute Mello. Along with attractive background music, this game promises to make you unable to take your eyes off. Embark on an exciting adventure and explore a world where creativity meets joy and every moment brings a new discovery. Are you ready to lead Mello through a world full of wonder and excitement?

How To Play

  • Select NEW GAME to start the game.
  • Move using the Arrow Keys [WASD] (on mobiles) or joystick.
  • Avoid Spikes and Blades.
  •  Bounce on trampolines
  • Open locked doors by collecting all the keys on a particular level!
  • Drop through semi-solid surfaces using [S] or [Down Arrow]
  • You can bounce chickens on them like a trampoline, but they are also as deadly as spikes.
  • To advance to the next Level, touch the flag.
  • Restart a level by pressing [R] or Restart Button

You can also check out our tips

  • You can start a new level at any point by pressing the [R] or Restart button.
  • The doors will not unlock until you have collected all the keys in that level.
  • You can use chickens as a boost to jump.
  • To play more difficult levels, you should evaluate the situation and plan your course of action.
  • Remember to slow down and stop and think. As they say, look before you jump.

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