Hero Pipe

Hero Pipe

Enter Hero Pipe fascinating puzzles, where you connect the ends of various pipes to solve frightening scenarios. Help the brave warrior protagonist of this adventure set out on an amazing quest. Try to defeat the evil orcs and save the princess. Of course, to do the assignment properly, one must use some pipes, water flows, and effective logical thinking skills. You must find a way to transport the water to the orcs. You can also sprinkle a magical spot on your hero to give him extra strength. Be careful not to make any mistakes with the pipes; else, you may drown your hero.

How To Play

Connect a pipe, move the cursor to the elastic pipe ends and use the left mouse button to click and hold them together. You'll also find a system of pipes hanging overhead, as well as two big chambers filled with hazardous substances. By connecting liquids via pipes, you can guide them towards the hero, princess, or opponent. Utilize them strategically.

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