Imposter Clash

Imposter Clash

Step into a spaceship in outer space with Imposter Clash, a fun and exciting 2D puzzle game. In this game, your mission is to choose your path on the spaceship, collect as many crew members as possible to build an army, and destroy all monsters along the way. Tap to attack, and challenge yourself with exquisite puzzles!

Immerse yourself in the space of a challenging spaceship and investigate every corner to find new members for your army. Collect as many crew members as possible to build a powerful army. They will be a great support in the fight against monsters. Face terrifying monsters and use your army to destroy them. Tactics and reflexes will be the keys to victory. Use tap gestures to attack and prove your dexterity when facing challenges.

Imposter Clash is not just a puzzle game but also an exciting space adventure. Choose the right army and defeat all the monsters in this game!

How To Play

  • Tap to attack.

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