Enter the mystical world of MarioDash, a new game made from familiar things. This is not just a game but an adventure that combines the thrill of Geometry Dash, the familiarity of Mario, and the charm of Flappy Bird! This game is not simply a jump-and-dose game. MarioDash requires finesse and quick reactions to avoid obstacles while collecting valuable items along the way. Use all your skills to complete the challenge.

atomicmagicnumber has created this unique game, combining great elements from Geometry Dash, Mario, and Flappy Bird. You will not only feel the thrill but also experience the imagination and innovation that MarioDash brings. Ready to challenge your reaction ability and creative spirit in this game? Press any button to start this exciting journey, and see if you can face the game's diverse challenges!

How To Play

  • Press any button on the keyboard (or touch the screen) to jump.
  • Use the mouse to draw the blocks into the correct position.
  • Press SPACE to clear the block you are aiming for.
  • Use WASD or arrow keys to change block type and move.
  • Press the T key to start the test from the current position.

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