Merge Fruit Time

Merge Fruit Time

Welcome to the fun game, Merge Fruit Time! This is an exciting experience where you will drop fruits and attach them to similar fruits. Drop the fruits carefully so as not to overflow the board. In cases of difficulty, use bombs! They can remove fruits in certain areas. Aim for a high score by connecting as many fruits as possible!

Your challenge is to drop the fruits and attach them to the same fruits. Create large fruit clusters to achieve high scores. Drop the fruit carefully so as not to overflow the table. Accuracy is important to maintain continued play. In a pinch, use bombs to remove unwanted fruits and create space for new ones. Take the opportunity to connect as many balls as possible, and aim for the highest score.

Merge Fruit Time is a dramatic and logical challenge. Join the adventure with delicious fruits and create amazing combinations to win!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to drop the fruits.

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