Nano Ninjas

Nano Ninjas

With Nano Ninjas, you can start your journey to explore beautiful areas! Keep moving forward and skillfully avoid obstacles. Your score increases with the length of your run. Collect coins and unlock new looks for Ninja. Many items offer fast running power, automatic coin collection, and Jetpack functionality, so be sure to collect them all. Run while admiring the beautiful, peaceful scenery.

How To Play

The running game requires not only skills but also excellent reflexes. In each different terrain, navigate the character to jump up, bend down, or turn. Unexpected obstacles appear, adding to the challenge's intrigue. The running journey offers a plethora of interesting spaces to explore. Start now and conquer all the records.


It is really simple to navigate

  • Jump up = Up arrow
  • Bend down = Down arrow
  • Turn left = Left arrow
  • Turn right = Right arrow

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