Real Parkour Simulator

Real Parkour Simulator

Real Parkour Simulator is an interesting action game option with a variety of challenging design platforms. The character needs to have good running, jumping, and climbing skills. Make it your goal to jump over platforms, overcome obstacles, and reach the finish line. Explore a diverse world of parkour with online opponents. Choose a route to run quickly to reach the finish line first. The maze of maps is truly a challenge worth exploring. Stick firmly to narrow roads to avoid falling backward. Successfully conquer the mission and become a talented parkour master.

Salient features

  • Controlling the character is really easy, but it requires precise running direction and performing actions to avoid falling down.
  • The location takes place at a high altitude, so you need to focus and come up with an appropriate strategy to reach your destination as quickly as possible.
  • Competing with online characters adds a good atmosphere when completing goals.

How To Play

An exciting journey of discovery opens up countless exciting challenges for fans. Navigate the character to run, turn flexibly with the WASD keys, and jump up with the space key. Can through the screen to control the action. Running and jumping techniques need to be coordinated to easily pass through trap locations.

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