Become a small little snail with Snail and take your time collecting all the delectable purple treats! Help him get to every nook and cranny so he can have a taste of these treats while avoiding the dangerous creatures and objects!

Snail is an engaging puzzle game created by Griffpatch. It features unique and intuitive controls, making full use of the snail’s abilities. The main goal of each level is to guide the snail through a series of obstacles and collect all the purple treats. Sometimes, there are also yellow treats that don’t count toward the required treats, but they give you some extra challenges and a nice bonus!

How To Play

  • Move the snail forward and backward with the left and right arrow keys.
  • Extend its neck forward by pressing the spacebar.
  • Reach upwards by pressing the up arrow key.
  • Retract into the shell or drop down with the down arrow key.
  • Quit the game and save the progress with the Q key.
  • Click on the arrow button to speed up the game.


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