Snowball The Cat Catch and Go

Snowball The Cat Catch and Go

Snowball The Cat Catch and Go will take you on a thrilling adventure! Run endlessly through many environments, dodging hazards and rescuing tiny animals. Get the keys to unlock new levels. Test your adeptness at navigation. Make sure to precisely time your leaps over obstructions. Check out the patterns in each level to make your way around easy. Gaining further points will allow you to save every mouse and bird.


  • The action moves quickly in order to keep you alert.
  • A lot of difficult stages keep the action interesting.
  • Adorable scenery and characters make for a fun experience.
  • There will be progressively more difficult levels in each, making for an enjoyable experience.

How To Play

Use the keyboard or touch screen controls to direct your character's motions. Your goals include avoiding obstacles, gathering keys, and saving as many mice and birds as possible. Keep in mind that once snowball gets going, he won't stop until the level is

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