Where's My Water

Where's My Water

Welcome to the exciting world of Where's My Water, where you'll explore water mazes with an adorable crocodile. The player's mission is to find a way for the water source to flow into the character's bathtub. The underground world has countless complexities, making bathing for crocodiles difficult. Use your analytical abilities and smart tactics to clear this character.

With hundreds of different levels and unique features, Where's My Water will take you on a colorful and exciting adventure. By creating openings in the soil or using other objects to channel the water, you need to find a way for the water to reach its destination without any obstacles. You can block the water source with a few scattered rubber ducks, but they will quickly disappear once the water submerges them. Additionally, players need to be aware of certain unique elements. A small spark can cause the water to flow upward, and a crystal condenser will cause the quality to return to its original gravity. Your round only ends when all the water flowing on the map flows out of the ground.

How To Play

To create underground water navigation channels, you use the mouse. To collect the rubber duckies, you need to let water flow through them. Pay attention to the location of the flares and clusters of ice crystals for the most accurate navigation. Everything depends on your ability to analyze logic. No matter how many times you have to play again, don't give up!

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