Chrome Dino Clicker

Chrome Dino Clicker

Entering an exciting adventure with Chrome the dinosaur in Chrome Dino Clicker, you will have new and interesting experiences. In this game, you will see the dinosaur appear in a familiar black-and-white landscape where there are deserts and cacti. However, this time you won't help the dinosaur jump over cacti to score points. Click on the dinosaur to score points. And don't forget to visit the shop, which has many attractive additional features. You can exchange points for features such as auto-click, automatically receiving clicks,... Plan your shopping properly to increase your points as quickly as possible.

Chrome Dino Clicker is written by yoshihome, a talented creator on the scratch platform. The combination of the legendary dinosaur game and the attractive clicker game has made the game irresistible. Warm up and get ready for this exciting clicker game! Start immediately!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touch the screen.

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