Far Orion

Far Orion

Far Orion introduces a futuristic world with groundbreaking developments set in 2121. Explore other worlds in search of treasures and unlimited power. This game focuses on collecting and recruiting heroes. Assemble a team ready to face challenges. Balance the team members with each person's unique skills. They are responsible for managing and equipping the team with all their strategic combat knowledge.


The game opens many battles for you to practice your excellent combat skills. Get rewards for each victory. Increase the speed at which you defeat enemies and maintain the number of your troops. Gather the opportunity to transfer the use of your skill power to your teammates. Engage in the game to enhance your understanding of professional combat experience.

How To Play

Far Orion is a 2D fantasy RPG about assembling a fighting team of heroes. When entering battle, your character will automatically attack the nearest target. Move the cursor to the user interface, and then click the left mouse button to activate the skill. Observe the power index to adjust the appropriate battle strategy.

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