Pen Ninja

Pen Ninja

Welcome to the ninja world in Pen Ninja, a unique game that will fascinate you. This game is a unique platformer with a great combination of movement skills and the power of the ninja pen. You will enter a challenging and mysterious adventure where your ninja skills will determine your fate. You will find yourself lost in a maze, and your task is to collect yellow fruits. Perform professional ninja jumps to overcome obstacles. In the maze, you may encounter other ninjas. Avoid or defeat them to continue; otherwise, you will fail.

Pen Ninja is not just an ordinary platformer game but also a journey to become a ninja master. You will test the agility and strength of your ninja pen to overcome all challenges. Start your adventure and prove your talent in the colorful world of Pen Ninja!

How To Play


  • Use the arrow keys [W], [A], and [D] to move your ninja across land and water platforms.
  • Press [Down Arrow] or [S] to penetrate the ground.
  • Press [Space] to perform your agile punches.
  • Press [I] to interact and talk.
  • Press [C] to align the screen according to the player's position.
  • Press [E] to open or close your inventory.


  • Tap to attack.
  • Touch and hold to move your ninja.


  • Ground and Water Challenges: Use your ninja pen to navigate complex ground and water levels.
  • Ninja Fighting: Use techniques to defeat enemies by pressing [Space] or tapping the screen.
  • Talking and Interaction: Use [I] to talk and interact with characters in the game.
  • Loot Box Management: Use [E] to open and close loot boxes, manage items, and upgrade your ninja.
  • Consider Taking Advantage of Opportunities: Take advantage of every opportunity to progress in your adventure.

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